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About Sailor Ami
Name: Ami Yuy
Age: 18
Fav Color: Sky blue
Hobbies: Computer, drawing SM & GW, reading, running, and riding horses
Fav Subject: Yearbook
Least Fav Subject: Geometry
Have Trouble With: Love letters and bullies (seriously!)
Fav Animal: Horse
Strong Point: Telling truth
Fav TV Show: Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, and Gilmore Girls
Fav Cartoon Characters: Sailor Mercury & Heero Yuy of Gundam Wing
Fav Sailor Moon Characters: Mercury & Saturn
Fav Movies: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride, and GW: Endless Waltz


None of my friends could think of a nickname for me for a long time.  Until we started paring up people with SM characters.  I was the first one chosen, because Ami and I are so alike.  Now I'm just known as Ami.  I also kinda look like her.  I have the same haircut, but dirty blonde (more blonde than brown) and have glasses.


Here are my friends who also have Sailor Moon characters:
Usagi- Her hair is brown but not long enough to wear in odangos unfortunately :-(.  Oh and she's got the ditsyness down to a T.  But no Mamoru as of yet.
Yearbook quote: All for one and one for all.
Rei/Kat- She looks so much like Rei is scary, just make the hair red.  She usually wears black and she participates in something called the SCA.  It's kind of like re-enacting the Renaissance, because people make period clothing, participate in period activities like Archery, Court, and Feast.  If you go to the main site there is an intro that tells you much more than I can.  (Here are some pics that I've taken at events)
Yearbook quote: It's not depression it's just anger without enthusiasm.
Makoto- she LOVES cute guys!  It's "Chris is sooo cute!" one day and "Matt is sooo cute!" the next.  No joke!
Yearbook quote: Wuz up?
What it really should be: Oh he's so cute!
Setsuna- Unfortunately she moved, but is still one of the group.'s been awhile since I've heard from her.
Chibi-Usa- Really she's our age, she just likes her the most and kinda acts like her sometimes.  She's very protective of all of her friends.
She's liked the show since 4th grade! ^^
Michiru- She's soo pretty!  She's a model, and did a Gap Kids photo shoot with the little kids for spring/summer 2001!
Hotaru/Liz- My 'little sis.'  She lives up near Tobi and you all have seen some of her drawings in the Fan Art section.
Naru- We just decided that she'd be great for her, she and Usagi are great friends.  Naru is absolutely OBSESSED with guys!  "Oh my gosh he's hot!"
(I know a lot of red-haired people don't I? Lol.)
And last but not least my imouto Tobias Maxwell!!!
She actually hates Sailor Moon, and is a G-boy fan.  We grew up together and through all my moves she's come to visit (and vise versa) and we talk as much as possible!

Her webcomic - After Retreat Depression
A rough sketch that she did of Tobias as an elf from one of her fics.


I also watch Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo!, and The Vision of Escaflowne.

My other sites!
Shrine to Heero x Relena of GW Small page for the Gundam Pilots Shrine to Van of VoE and Heero of GW Personal Website with Cosplay stuffs
AOL Instant Messanger icons, made by me


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