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Family & Friends
~Warning~ There are spoilers here!

NA Name
Japanese Name
Now (21st Century)
Molly Baker
Osaka Naru
Friend of Usagi
Umino Gurio
School nerd who is the best source of gossip, Naru's boyfriend in later shows
Ms. Patricia Haruna
Sakurada Haruna
Usagi, Naru, and Gurio(Melvin)'s teacher
Furuhata Motoki
Works at Crown Arcade Center, Some of the girls have crushes on him at beginning
Furuhata Unazuki
Motoki's sister
Kenji Tsukino (Kenji Papa)
Tsukino Kenji
Usagi's father
Ikuko Tsukino (Ikuko Mama)
Tsukino Ikuko
Usagi's mother
Sammy Tsukino
Tsukino Shingo
Usagi's younger brother
Mika Cassidy
Kayama Mika
Shingo's friend
Grandpa Hino
Rei's grandfather who runs Cherry Hill Temple (a Shinto Shrine), he's considered a dirty old man in the original.
Kumada Yuuichirou
A rock star who comes to stay at Rei's temple and falls in love w/ her.
Urawa Ryo
Carrier of a Rainbow Crystal who falls in love with Ami.
Makoto's friend, grew up together (not interested in each other as boyfriend and girlfriend!)

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