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~Warning~ There are spoilers here!

NA Name
Japanese Name
Now (21st Century)
Moon Kingdom/Silver Millenium (Past)
Future (30th Century)
Queen Serenity
Queen Serenity
Appears to the scouts as a ghost to help them
Princess Serena's mother who ruled the Moon Kingdom, died by using the last of her energy to send Princess Serenity and her court to be reborn on Earth
Not alive
Chibi-Usa and Pegusas talked to eachother with the dream globe

Super S-The guardian of Elysium/the world of dreams who carries the Golden Crystal.  He appears in Chibi-Usa's dreams as a winged horse (Pegasus) and helps the scouts defeat Nehelenia.
Chibi-Usa supposedly has a crush on Helios but at the end he returns to Elysium.  And she seems to forget him.
Guarding Elysium and protecting the Golden Crystal from evil (Queen Nehelenia) for Prince Endymion

Nehelenia is trying to take the Golden Crystal from Helios's head
Guarding Elysium and Protecting the Golden Crystal




Super S Movie- a dream elf who meets Chibi-Usa and discovers that what Badiyanu is doing is wrong, he helps the scouts to defeat her and gives Chibi-Usa his flute.


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