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Sailor Moon R (2nd part) - The Black Moon Family (The Negamoon)

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English Dub Name
Japanese Name
Wiseman is the mastermind behind the desire to take over Earth.  He is really a servant to the evil being that was sent to Nemesis (the rouge planet where he and the Black Moon family live)  a long time ago.  He convinced Prince Demando that he really wanted to destroy Earth rather than just live there.  He gave Prince Demando his hypnotic eye.  When Saffir found out his plan, he killed him as a traitor. "He's a traitor, and you know what we do to traitors." (Dub)
Prince Diamond
Prince Demando/Dimando
Really a kind person at heart, Demando was lead astray by Wiseman.  He originally just wanted to be allowed to live on Earth, but Wiseman made him want to destroy it.  He fell in love with Neo-Queen Serenity (in progress)
Saffir (there are several different spellings)
Rubius (?)
Birtie (Birdy)
Beruche (?)
Calaveras (?)
Esmeraude (?)
Wicked Lady
Black Lady
The grown up for of Chibi-Usa, she is evil.  Wiseman kidnapped Chibi-Usa and brainwashed her into thinking that her family had never loved her.  And making her grow up he gave her great power.  When she goes back in time to our present, Pluto notices and tells the senshi that Chibi-Usa's different.  When Luna P reconizes her and goes up, it's moon is changed to a black one, too.  Usagi and Mamoru eventually remind her of her true past, by Usagi becoming Neo-Queen Serenity, and she returns to her true age and mentality.

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