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Sailor Moon R (1st part) - Children of the Doom Tree

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This section of the story was never in the original manga, but was made up by the production company so that the manga could catch up to the television seires.
Ail playing his flute and Ann listening

English Dub Name
Japanese Name
The Doom Tree
(Tree of Life)
Tree of Evil
The tree is what keeps Ann and Ail alive.  It was originaly the Tree of Life, that lived all alone on a planet.  When it got lonely it created children.  Then an evil force came and turned some of it's children against it, ending in it having to flee and search for a planet where it could live.  Ann and Ail were eventually the only two children left and because of all the negative energy they had been exposed to, they stole people's energy to try and keep the tree alive because it was withering.  It really only needed love evergy though and when they fell in love again it was reborn and they left to find their own planet.
Alan (Granger in school)
Ail (Ginga Seijuurou in school)
Ail is the 'hunk' who all the girls love, not only because he's cute but because he plays the flute so beatifully.  His flute is actually what he uses to release the cardians.  He fell for Usagi when he saw her, and she thought he was cute too, but still was loyal to Mamoru.  Where as Ann loses her cool when Usagi and Mamoru show they're love for each other, he's mad at first but then realizes it's true love and trys to stop Ann, but fails.  When she dies he realizes how much she really means to him and is prepared to die when a root comes towards him.  Instead the tree takes him and Usagi into it's mind where it tells them of what really happened, and who it really is.  After it restores Ann they are given a new chance with a small sapling that they take to find a new home.
Anne (Granger in school)
Ann (Ginga Natsumi in school)
Ann was a self-centered girl who thought that Mamoru was really cute and wanted her for her own.  This was at the same time that Usagi was trying to get Mamoru to remember her and their past.  So Ann and Usagi fight over Mamoru the whole time.  When Ail and her pick the cardians, Ann always chooses which one.  When Usagi and Mamoru come over when they're 'sick', Ann pushes Usagi into their room where the tree is and tells Four Face (one of the cardians) to "Drain the filling out of this creampuff." (dub)  At the end though, Ann sees how much Usagi loves him and that he loves her too (after he regains his memories), so she gets jealous and attacks them.  After she gets killed when she jumps infront of a root that was going to hit Ail, and the tree revives her their love is renewed and they leave with the tree to find a new home.

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