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Japanese R Movie Previews:

Misc Pictures:
lonely in space
Young Fiore

For me?  I promise I'll bring you back the most beautiful flower.Hi Darien, I've brought you flowers.


Trapped inside the crystal Darien sees the scouts being beaten.Sailor Moon was my friend when no one else would be.She's the greatest friend anyone could wish for.
Kisenian posess Fiore
Silver Crystal in shape of flower.Prince Darien lends her his strength.
Scout Power!Sailor Moon wake up!Darien kisses life back into her from the flower that had Fiore's life energy.
Japanese Original Cover S:

Misc Pictures:
KaguyaLuna as Princess Kaguya of the Moon
Japanese Original Cover Super S:

English Dub Cover Super S:

Misc Pictures:
Let's bake cookies!
PeruruAHHH!! I'm falling!!!!