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Fan Fiction
What should come next?  A fight?  Love scene?  Study Buddies?  Hmm...
    These are the few ones that I have so far.  If you have one and would like me to post it for you, then send it to me and I'll gladly post it, provided you meet the requirements.  
Comments about a Fan Fic should be sent to the author, if they are sent to me they will never get there.

Fan Fics:

Title: Lita's New Life
Author: Sailor Gemini
Summary: Lita and Ken...
Read now!

Title: The Jupiter Chronicles
Author: -Aaron-
Summary: A group of stories focused on Xanatos Blade and his role with the Sailor Senshi, esp Jupiter.  (Being rewritten for the 5th or 6th time!)
Read: Xanatos Blade: A Character Profile