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Lita's New Life by Sailor Gemini

Lita was running thru the streets of New Orleans breathing heavily and sweating hard. She was late getting to work and hoped she wouldn't get fired it had bee the 3 time in two weeks she had been late. Just like her friend Serena use to be. She dropped the thought of Serena out of her mind and quickly began she straiten her self-up.

"Oh I'm so sorry Destiny I didn't mean to be late but class just took so long and..."
"Lita don't worry, Destiny's not here."
"Oh Erica thank god it's you were's Destiny is she late oh im going to give her an ear full always yelling at me about responsibility."
"She got fired."
"What how?"
"You're kidding.  Little miss, my daddy's a lawyer and the only reason I'm here is because I need experience. So what'd she steal?"
"Well you know that two hundred dollar leather jacket that she has been eyeing for a while."
"Oh, she took it I know she would she had that crazy look in her eye every time I would look at it."
"Whatever at least we don't have to be around her any more. Well I gotta go but before I do how was class did they give you trouble."
"Erica it's not a regular class it's cooking class and it was cool. But I really wish it was full time but I mean with college and work and bill and that stupid car I don't have time for a full time class."
"Aww is the car giving you trouble again."
"Yeah it's in the auto shop that another reason I was so late."
"Well ill take you home tonight I have to come back up here and cash my check. Hey what time is it?"
"Four!!! Aw man I was supposed to have a date with Brad at that coffee shop at 3:30 but I couldn't because you weren't here."
"Oh I'm sorry, but you better hurry he might still be there."
"Yeah well I got to go but before I do cash my check for me and I'll come pick you up tonight. Oh I gotta run C'ya Lita."
"C'ya Erica. Oh she is so lucky to have Brad I wish I had guy like him oh well."
"Hey Lita."
"Russel hey what are you doing here?"
"I got paid today and I need a new pair of shoes so here I am."
"Russel this Maxines The shoe store is two stores down from here."
"I know but I thought id stop by and see you."
"That's nice. So did you get the notes from Professor Roberts like I asked you?"
"Yeah here."
"Thanks Russel you're a lifesaver."
She leaned over and kissed his cheek.
"Wow I should get notes for you often so I can get another kiss."
"Tell ya what if you get me the test answer's for the rest of the semester then I'll marry you."
"I think I ran arrange that."
"I was joking."
"Hey so was I."
After Litas sift was over Erica drove her home.
"Thanks Erica I owe you one."
"No prob."
"Man my feet are killing me."
Lita kicked her shoes off threw her jacket on the floor then hopped into the shower. After words she slipped into her white cotton pajamas and her bunny slippers and plopped on the couch. She turned it to the news then quickly began to fall asleep. She woke up the next morning by the sound of her alarm clock.
"Morning already."
She ran into her room and changed into her green tank top with two straps that had Lita in cursive letters and her black kapree pants. Then got her jacket and her books. But when she opened the door her phone rang.
"Hello oh you fixed my car great. What's that your bringing it over great thanks"
A few minuets later a big red truck drove into her apartment building's parking lot in big gold letters it had 'Plunk's Auto Shop'
"Oh im glad you got it ficked here's the check and thanks again."
She quickly hoped in the car and turned the keys. Then was off to her classes.

When she got there she sat next to Erica, her friend from work.
"Hey Erica."
"Hey Lita."
"Did you study for the test."
"Test oh no."
"You didn't your in deep shit then."
"Man I had the notes but I fell asleep on my couch."
"Excuse me class today's test is canceled Professor Robert's had to go out of town on an emergency. So just go home but you will have class tomorrow."
"Alright another day to study."
"I doubt that here comes Russel he'll probably ask to go out with you."
"Hey Lita."
"Hey Russel. Wussup."
"Nuthin much."
"Bye Lita."
"Bye Erica."
"So Lita do you want to go get some coffee with me."
"Are you like asking me out on a date."
"Uh... yeah in a way."
"Russel I have already told you I'm not attracted to you. But I do need some coffee I didn't get any this morning."
"I'm cool with that."
"Let's go."
"So Lita."
"Yeah so Russel."
"We haven't really talked before have we."
"No not really."
"Well how about know I want to know all about you. Starting from where your from."
" where im from To... No I'm from North Carolina. I moved here about three years ago."
"Why did you move here."
"Oh, I teach classes on how to be a great chef."
"Well you picked to right place New Orleans dose have some of the best food in the world."
"Yeah sure."
Suddenly Lita was lost in a deep gaze of what happened 3 years ago the world she left and the people she left behind. It was a fierce fight between the Sailor Scout's and Galaxia and the five
metal senshis.
Sailor Jupiter was trying to fight Sailor Iron Mouse as best she could.
"Haa, like silly leaves can do something to me."
Sailor Iron Mouse was preparing for a terrible blast on Sailor Jupiter but she was ready for the attack.
Nothing happened and she was hit very badly. But Sailor Jupiter got up with blood running down her forehead.
But it did nothing and once again Sailor Iron Mouse was preparing for a painful attack. She did it and when Sailor Jupiter was on the ground she looked up to she Sailor Lead Crow fighting Sailor Mercury. Sailor Mercury was already wiped out and could barley hold her arms up. Sailor Lead Crow Blasted Sailor Mercury and was about to do it again but Sailor Jupiter got up and jumped in front of her and took the hit. She laid motionless on the ground blood poring from her back.
She woke up to see Serena's big blue eyes looking into her green eyes. Tears of joy filled every ones eyes. Especially Kens he walked over to her grabbed her and kissed with much passion.
Raye and Amy explained that Lita had been asleep for almost two weeks. When she went home she could barley move, she had bruises all over her body and  her back was burned. And she had 6 stitches on her forehead. She remembered thinking about something that she had never thought before she thought about leaving the Sailor Scouts forever maybe she take Ken with her, yeah she would take him and they would live together forever. Maybe not, but maybe she could leave. She was tired of being a Sailor Scout, she was tired of all the missing school days, all the unfinished assignments, and her failing grades.
Another fight broke out with Galaxia and this time she was fighting with Sailor Lead Crow and she was a lot more power full than Sailor Iron mouse. She was about to blast Sailor Jupiter But she was ready.
But nothing happened.
She screamed again
But nothing happened suddenly Ken jumped in front of her and took the hit. Sailor Lead Crow kept hitting and hitting Ken till he laid cold on the ground. The Metal senshis left.
"Ken Ken honey wake up please Ken!"
Lita started to cry and she lightly slapped Ken.  Amy walked over to him and took his pulse after she did that she turned white as if she'd seen a ghost.
"Lita I'm sorry."
"Nooo! Ken please wake up please."
She screamed till she was horse. Serena started to cry and put her face in Darien's shirt and whispered, "Please never leave me."
Lita stopped crying and looked at Ken She leaned down and kissed him shortly then stood up and fainted.  When she woke up she was at her apartment her friends were happy to see her
wake up. She thought that night was just a dream.
"Ken where's Ken."
Raye walked over to Lita knelt down and said.
"Lita last night we were fighting...Ken's Dead."
She was breathless then finally managed to say.
"Get out of here!"
"But Lita..."
"Just get out of here!"
"Ok I'll you call you later."
"Don't bother."
She rushed them out of there. Lita paced around the apartment. She remembered every detail she did after that. She ran into her room grabbed her bag and packed a few things she took the
picture of her and Ken and kissed it. She got her purse and was about to leave when she saw her transformation pen. She picked it off the ground and broke it with all her might.  A green light came out of her then came out of the two broken pieces then disappeared. She just left her house like that. And a note. She took one final look at her apartment then slammed the door. She got on a airplane and didn't look back. When she was on the airplane she remembered when her and Ken had finally kissed, afterwards he'd said.
"Lita did anyone ever tell you that you have some of the most beautiful most penetrating green eyes in this world."

"Lita hello?  Earth to Lita.  Come in Lita."
"What?...Oh sorry I was just thinking of something. What did you say?"
"Russel tell me why I never wanted to go out with you."
"You said I wasn't your type."
"Oh yeah I forgot."
Lita looked up and looked into Russel's brown eyes.  And he did the same. They leaned closer and closer to each other till finally their lips almost touched.
"Wow look at the time I'm late for work."
"But you said you didn't have work today."
"So I did...Well I forgot I did so c'ya."
She got her purse and her cote and ran off.
"Man why can't I kiss him?  I mean I think I really like him. Oh why can't I? It must be Ken.  Why can't I just forget about him? That's it, I'm so sick of being heart broken I want another guy."
She sat on her sofa and called Russel.
"Yeah look I'm sorry about the kiss thing but I was wondering would you like to go to a restaurant or something."
"Absolutely I have reservation at the new French place I'll pick you up at seven."
"Great I'll be ready then bye. Seven, in an hour I need to get ready."
She ran into the shower and took a quick shower. She walked in her room and picked the perfect outfit. She blow dried her hair then put it up in a pink bow. She got dressed and looked great.
She wore a pink sweater with a black mini skirt that had a slit in the side. She wore black sandal high heels that laced to her ankle. She walked out of her room into the living room she noticed the picture of her and Ken, the only picture she left with after that night. She picked it up and walked into her room took out a book and threw it in. Suddenly the doorbell rang.
"Coming. Russel."
"Lita. Wow."
"Thanks I was going for a Yes! But Wow will do. Damn I forgot my purse in my room."
Lita walked into her room to get her purse while Russel took something out of his pocket and he put it on her kitchen table.
"C'mon Russel."
They left they went to dinner at the French restaurant and all Lita could think about was when Ken took her out to a French restaurant she remembered exactly, that was before the whole whole incident. Afterwards they went back to her place.
"So Russel do you want some coffee or something."
When she walked in her kitchen she saw the small package on her kitchen table.
"Russel did you leave this for me."
"Sorry, I don't believe in gifts on the first date."
"Lets see for Mako Kino. Oh no!"
She dropped the package.
"Who's Mako?"
"Uh... well it's kind of my name."
"But I thought your name was Lita."
"It is look I have a past I'm not from North Carolina."
"Then were are you from?"
"Tokyo, you mean from Japan?"
"Well if your not Lita then who are you?"
"I am Lita, that's my American name. But my Japanese name is Makoto Kino. When I came to New Orleans I changed it to Lita Landrey."
"Oh. Why did you leave?"
Lita sat down on the sofa next to Russel and choked her words out.
"Something happened that night I left. A very good friend boyfriend died that night and I guess you can say I was heart broken."
"Why don't you open it."
She began to open it and turned white as if she saw a ghost when she saw what was inside.  It was her transformation pen the one that she'd broken three years ago, but it looked as perfect as the first day she got it.
"My pen, no it can't be can it I broke it three years ago."
"What is that."
"Another reason why I left my home."
She sat the pen on the coffee table she looked deep into Russel's eyes till they leaned closer and closer to each other till there lips met. After they kissed they looked at each other and kissed again and again.

Russel walked up.
"He leaned down and kissed her and said. Has any one ever told you that you have two of the most penetrating green eyes in the world."
Then he walked out. When he did something dropped out of his pockets but Lita didn't see it.
"Why did he leave? Did I do something wrong?"
The next day when she was teaching her class then going to class and at work she kept thinking about that.
"So how did coffee go with Russel was he still asking you out."
"No he was perfect and I think I'm in love with him."
"What! Yesterday you couldn't stand him, now this."
"I know it weird but it's like he understands me.  He is so warm to be with I'm positive I love him."
"Did I miss something."
"No, but I did."
"I meant I missed out on a lot of dates with him because of something that happened along time ago but it's as if my heart has healed."
"Man you are in love with him."
After work she went home. She kicked her shoes off threw her jacket on the ground then stepped on something.
"OWWWWWWW!!!!! What the hell was that?"
She noticed she stepped on a pen it was small pink it had a white crystal on the top.
"Hum...Russel must have dropped it."
She picked up the phone and dialed his number.
"Hey Russ. Yea it's me look when you rushed out last night you dropped this pen looking thing. It looks familiar oh well I'll bring it over later."
She thought she heard someone say.
"No, not yet we're not ready."
She hung up the phone and walked in her room she changed out of her work uniform into her regular clothes.  She got her shoes and grabbed her keys and drove over to Russel's house. She
knew were it was because she had to pick up an assignment there one time. She walked up to the door and knocked it. Some one looked out the window, so she opened the door.
It was her friends.
"After all these years you still can't talk right."
"Really did you go to college."
"Very funny ha ha ha what are you guys doing here?"
"Well after three years of not hearing or seeing a word of you we got a little worried."
"How nice, so where's Russel?  Do you guys like know him or something?"
"Sort of, you see Lita, there is no Russel."
"What do you mean?"
"We mean this, give me that pen."
"Serena but what are you going to do with that."
"Oh my gosh, I knew that pen looked familiar. I can't believe you did that I mean what did you do change into Russel and don't even tell me I kissed you Serena cause if you do I swear I will kill you!"
Sweat drops formed on the back of every ones head.
"No Lita none of us kissed you don't worry." said Amy.
"So what did you do get one of your boyfriends to disguise as Russel."
"Then you must have picked some scrub of the streets to be Russel."
"Then what!"
"Who was Russel?"
"What does he have to do with Russel?"
"He is Russel, or was."
"Don't toy with me."
"It's true Lita. Honest we wouldn't lie to you."
"You just did, Ken is dead, he has been dead for three years."
"There not lieing Lita."
The voice pierced her ears. She turned around and it was Ken.
She fainted on the floor. She woke up in her bed she thought it must have been a nightmare.
Her transformation pen must have brought that on. She walked out her room and walked into the kitchen to see her friends.
"On no, it wasn't a dream."
"Please don't faint again Lita." Said Luna.
She jumped on Lita's shoulder.
"Hi Luna."
"Hi Lita"
"Hi Artemis."
"Are you feeling better?"
"No, when I saw you I just got sicker."
"Lita why do you hate us?  What did we do?"
"Nothing, I'm sorry, I'm being so rude it is nice to see you guys again."
"Wow Lita this is a nice apartment."
"Thanks I still get checks from my uncle. Uh do you guys want some tea?"
"That's what we are drinking."
"Oh well I have to get back to work I have the night shift im already late."
"Lita just call in sick."
"No I'm not going to I have been late every day this week I don't need to call in sick if I do I'll get fired."
"Lita don't you care that we are here, that Ken is still alive?"
"Relax guys I'll talk to her." said Ken.
"C'mon guys lets get back to our hotel room."
"What do you want to talk about. About how I loved you, about how I mourned over your sorry ass for three years? About how you lied to me about everything."
"What about how I love you."
She slapped him. She hadn't slapped him that hard since she'd found out that he kissed another girl.
"How dare you."
"Lita I love you, don't you care that I'm here, that I'm alive? Why won't you love me? You loved Russel last night and he doesn't exist."
"Ken why? That night you were dead cold dead there was nothing or nobody who could have saved you."
"There was one person."
"You. You saved me."
"You remembered the night you broke the pen your power pen."
"The green light that came out was Jupiter Power. And the green light that came out of you was love. It was love for me. That light that came out of you was the power that revived me."
"How could that be?"
"I don't know but you your self have been brought back from the dead a lot of times. A simple light brought me back. You light, your love."
"Oh Ken. I'm sorry but I can't forgive you."
"Why not."
"You were brought back, but you could tell me. You saw the ways I grieved over you and yet you stood there."
"I didn't want to tell you too soon, I thought you'd freak. And I wanted test to see if you could ever fall in love."
"Oh that's it, I was just apart of your lil test. That makes it worst."
"Lita please forgive me."
"I don't know what I want to do, but I know this I need to have time by myself."
"But is right, and if you don't get out of here then I'm going to kick yours."
He slammed the door. Lita started to cry.
"Why did they have to find me while I was doing great teaching a class, going to college, and working? I wish I would have never moved to Crossroads. If I hadn't I wouldn't be Sailor Jupiter. It's all this stupid pens fault."
She picked it up and broke it just like she did three years ago. It fell to the ground then came back together.
"Why wont you break why wont you leave me alone!"
She picked up the pen. Then memories flooded thru her mind about the Moon Kingdom. Her kingdom. And her love. Till she finally screamed.
A green light came it entered her body. Then she turned green. Her Jupiter symbol appeared on her forehead. Then her clothes disappeared and she was wrapped in soothing Jupiter power. Her princess dressed appeared. She felt the seams of the dress and said.
"A perfect fit just like that night."
"Princess Jupiter."
"You have become the princess you once were. You have royal blood in your veins. You are the future ruler of Jupiter, but you choose not to hold your fate. You have waited too long, but now we must have your answer. Will you face your fate or run from it. All you have to say are those three magic words. What is your choice?"
"I was undecided but know I know I cannot run from my fate or my friends or my love so this is my choice."
Her skirt was shorter her high heals were boot and her necklace was replaced by her choker.  She was Sailor Princess Jupiter and the only thing that remained was her Jupiter symbol.
"I am Sailor Princess Jupiter. Warrior and keeper of Thunder and Lightning. I have the power I once had before but stronger. I am the future queen. And I will serve for the future queen, Serenity."
She awoke on the ground and her transformation pen in her hand. It was morning time. She brushed her hair and changed. She got her keys and headed to Ken's.
"Ken are you there?"
"Lita, it's seven in the morning."
"I know and I'm sorry I'm sorry for leaving. I only left because I was tired of waking up with bruises. I'm so sorry, I know I can't run, not from you or my heart and I love You."
She kissed him. Her friends walked in with smiles on their faces.
"Lita that really happened last night."
"I know and I'm happy it did."
"We're going home today and we hope that you will too."
"No. I'm going to stay here for a while classes end next week and I want to graduate."
"Yea I'm going to stay here to."
"Well we hope you'll see us off."
"Of course."
They all went to the airport and she saw her friends off. Then Ken held her, she hadn't felt that happy in years.
"Lita I still have the note the note from when you left that night."
He handed it to her. She read over the words she'd written. Each harsh word she read cut into her heart.
"Im so sorry I wrote these words."
"Don't be those were words that expressed your feeling. Know I'm going to express mine. Lita Kino, will you marry me?"
They held each other and Lita cried.
"You know Ken I have to get to work soon."
"Don't go, say your to busy."

The End

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