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Fan Fic Requirements
E-mail set-up:
E-mail Subject: Fan Fic
Body of E-mail:
Title: of the fic
Author Name: author's name/pen name
E-mail or Website to Link the Author Name to: so that people can send you feedback or visit your website (optional)
Main Characters: if any new ones, please give a short description or at least tell how they are connected to the others
Length: about how many pages long it is in Works
# of Chapters and Titles: if any (optional)
Summary: sum up the fic, and make it interesting to grab attention, this will go beneath the title and author name
Fic: paste in the story!

Other Requirements:
   It MUST be a Sailor Moon based story (at least 1 or 2 of the main characters from the series appears on a regular basis)
   YOU must spell check it before you send it to me.  Because I do not have the time nor do I wish to do it for you.
   If there are chapters, have them clearly separated within the e-mail
   And please, please, please if there are converstations, tell who is saying what!
"Hey. So what have you been doing?"  
"Not much you?"
"Hi." Ami called.  
"Hey. So what have you been doing?"  Lita replied, turning around.  
"Not much.  You?" Ami said as she sat down.

All fics will go up as recieved, with only chapter separation done.  I will NOT spell check or grammar check.  I reccommend that you use YOUR spell check or grammar check on your desktop publisher.

If you have any pictures you have drawn to go with it, send those, too, and I will put them in the Fan Art section with a link in the story.  If they are official pictures I will put them in the story where you would like them.  

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