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Ami Yuy's Friends
Want some ice cream?

Here's a cone and one scoop!
Tangis- I'm too cool!
Katherine- imitating Heero Yuy!
Giant- with his new Yearbook toys
Usagi- last year at lunch
Naru- I'm cute aren't I?
Rachel- so innocent...not!
Tobi- Never Underestimate The Power Of Supid People In Large Groups.
Matt and Lita
Annie-pooh visiting from Germany!
Eric- Laughing hysterically

Want seconds?
Tangis- school pic-9th grade
Kat doesn't like her picture to be taken!
Annie-pooh's suprise party...and boy was she surprised!
Giant was playing with the copier again!
Lita and Naru
Usagi and Naru
Left: Me, Usagi, Lita, Naru- front
Michiru loves playing with Lita's magnetic purse...
Tobi loves her laptop.

Still here?  How about thirds!
Hans is a big teddy!
Hans!  My teddy that Tangis gave to me on the last day of school.
Mi perro.  Su nombre es Sunny.
My dog.  His name is Sunny.
Lol...this is the driveway I got to drive up...
Quatre, Trowa, Heero, Duo, Wufei, Zechs, and Relena
And the ever wonderful Gundam Wing bishonen, well minus Relena, she's a bishoujo!
Heero is the one that Kat's holding in the picture up top, all the others went to friends who got their faves.  Tobi- Duo and Zechs, Ainsley- Trowa, Artemis- Quatre, Jade- Wufei, (well I have Relena too)

It's Ami!!!...oh yeah that's me, but I'm five or six years old here...Let's go on a firetruck ride!

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