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Heero Yuy
How cute!
This is dedicated to the coolest guy from Gundam Wing: Heero Yuy!  Those eyes!  He is not cold hearted and incapable of feeling as many think.  Go Here for a great profile on Heero.

Heero Yuy (code name, real identity Odin Lowe Jr., son of the assassin of the real Heero Yuy), The Perfect Soldier:
    A seemingly cold-hearted young man, but one that actually is capable of feeling for another.  Relena Peacecraft has captured this young man's heart (In my personal opinion, although he never says it outright) and he now rescues her from the dangers she puts herself in.  Heero and Relena first met when she found him washed up on shore when he first arrived on Earth.  Later they met again when he showed up in her class at school and turned out to be a new student there.  As time goes on she finds out about Heero being a Gundam pilot and when he is supposed to kill her because she knows, he ends up saving her from harm instead.  Relena and Heero form a bond which survives even though they both totally disagree on how peace is to be achieved, through fighting, or total pacifism.
    The pilot of Wing Gundam (01) and Wing Zero.  Heero's Wing Gundam was created by Dr. J, who also gave him his orders to destroy OZ. When Heero is fighting at the base where Treize Khushrenada is being held and his Wing Gundam is damaged he goes and meets with Treize.  Treize then gives him the Epyon, a suit with the Zero System in it.  

    The purpose of the ZERO system, unlike what some people think, is not to drive it's pilot crazy *L* Nor is it to show the pilots what the future might hold. ZERO actually stands for "Zoning and Emotional Ratio Omitted". As I'm sure you're aware, piloting a Gundam puts great mental stress on the pilot. As a result, the ZERO cockpit system, which was the actual prototype of the usual cockpit systems, was modified into the usual cockpit systems you see on the original Gundams when it was discovered that the ZERO system didn't allow for the pilot's emotions and feelings.
    The true purpose of the ZERO system is to actually enhance the pilot's abilities by feeding sensory information directly into the pilot's brain. As a result of this, the pilots who piloted Wing Zero, (which was named after the ZERO system ^^;;; not the other way around), was so stressed under the influence that they became mad from basic information overload. Only those who could control their thoughts and focus them on the mission and only the mission (eg. Heero, Zechs and Quatre) are able to control the flow of information into their brain and therefore control the ZERO system.
    The fact that the ZERO system may show what will happen in the future is usually part of the imagination of the pilot coupled with the statistics fed to them from ZERO. It is also a future that *could* happen from the information the ZERO had gathered.  
Zero System Information courtesy of Shikami Yamino ., webmistress of Endless Dedication - A Tribute to Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing

A little later Heero trades with Zechs Merquise for Wing Zero.  He conquers the system and uses it to become a better pilot than before, which makes him very formidable indeed.  
In his most common outfit of green tank and black spandex pants
Heero is known for his cold stare.
From the original beginng of the show.  In the dub it is an ending.
He can dress normal too!  And he's even more cute!
This is not normal!
There's that stare!
Heero and Wing Gundam
With Wing Gundam
Wing Zero and Heero
Wing GundamEpyonWing Zero

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