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Japanese Words and Phrases- Handy Japanese words and phrases that are commonly used in the Anime and Manga world
Names to Know- A complete ILLUSTRATED list of characters from the show
Character Profiles- Stats for each senshi and Tuxedo Kamen
The Villains- Want to know who the senshi are fighting and when?  Here is a list of all the main villains in seires order.
Episode List- Full Japanese and Dub lists
Birthdays- List of all the Senshi's birthdays
News- (no longer updated) What's happening in the Anime and Manga world
The Picture Archive- Here are some hard to find pictures of everyone!  Including the others that you don't see many pics of.
AIM Buddy Icons- A ton of Buddy Icons that I've made for AOL Instant Messanger.  Feel free to use any of them, just remember where you got 'em so you can tell all your friends!
Rini's Game Pics- Gameboy Camera is fun, I took all these pictures, printed them out and then scanned for everyone to enjoy!
Web Graphics- Graphics I have made for others to use
Voting Booth- Rate this site and vote for your favorite characters, least favorite, best dressed, ect.
Fan Stuffs
Fan Art- A collection of drawing done by me and others, feel free to send yours in.
Fan Fiction- A section for stories written by people that wanted to continue the series, if you have any please send it in.
SPEAK OUT!!!- Here my good friend Tobias speaks her mind along with others.
Tobias' Homepage-'s Tobias' very own homepage!
Quotes- Here is a list of some fun quotes I've gotten off of the show, if you have any feel free to send them to me.