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Sailor Moon Links
If you would like me to link to your page, send me a link with the subject: Link Exchange, and I'll check your site out.  If I like it I'll put it up.
**Links were last checked on February 18, 2002.**
**Moon Lover's Paradise link updated January 11, 2003**

Web Graphics
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Pluto

(Here are some for Search Engine Submitters, Other, Misc Anime, Dictionaries, Gundam Wing, Escaflowne, Tenchi Muyo!, and Star Wars)
There may be a lot of links here but I've put the ones I think are the best at the top of their section.

Bitmap Image
Your #1 Guide to the Anime & Manga Internet World!
Web Graphics:
Lycentia's SM Web Graphics Shop
Full of a huge variety of web graphics.

Miscellaneous Sites:
Pipsi's Sailor Moon!
An awesome site with tons of fun stuff. (Well there was a ton but Angelfire deleted it so this is what's up so far under her own domain name ~**~)

The Good and Evil Gates of Sailor Moon
With a focus on the villains of the series, which is rarely seen.

Moon Lover's Paradise
This is a great site full of info...Curious about the Silver Millennium and want to learn more?  Go here.

A great source for the differences between the dub and the original.

Usagi and
Beautiful site dedicated to the love of Usagi and Mamoru

Castle in the Sky
Great Lists of Episodes: Changes, Japanese, Spanish, and English names, summaries, ect.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
The most referred to site on the web.  Be sure to check it out to see what everyone's talking about.

Sailor Moon Super Deformed
A page dedicated to the chibi's of SM.

Sailor Moon Forever
Looking for illustrated episode guides?  Here you go!
This is a very large site and I'm glad that I've finally found it again.  Carely has added some wonderful stuff.  (updated 6/29/02)

Are you addicted to Sailor Moon?  I am!
12 Steps to Recovery: Sailor Spork's Sailor Moon Obsession Page.
Okay, okay.  But it's hilarious, and read the About Me section!

(If you search for Anti Sailor Moon you come up with some interesting things....)

Sailor Moon Addicts
(Right now this is a link to a huge gallery, but there main page for Sailor Moon is here.  Currently it's down. 2/18/02)

Darkwulf's Hideaway
This site replaced "Sailor Ami's Senshi Palace."

A nice kind of random site.


Sailor Moon Universe
Here is the site where I got a lot of my basic character info from.  (Hasn't been updated since January 2000)

The Tokyo Tower
There's a ton of stuff here, including a Villains picture gallery.

A site dedicated to getting all of the seasons and movies to the US and spreading news about what is happening with the show.

A site focused on Prince Diamond.

Sailor Moon City

The Sailor Moon MIDI Bank

The Wonderland of Sailor Moon

Route Venus Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon- Now and Forever!!!
Great MIDI Library.

Moon Kingdom in the Stars

Cherry Hill Temple


Hasn't been updated for awhile, but still good info.

Welcome to Eternal SailorMoon Wonderland!! Here you can find a lot of SailorMoon Manga, Anime, Fanart pictures. Plus a lot of sailormoon midis and real audio files!! Come and visit me at

Eternal Sailor Moon Wonderland

Chris and Meghan's Sailor Moon Transformation Page

Sailor X's Palace
Picture Sites:
Bianca's Sailor Moon Gallery

Sailor Moon Pictures

Sailor Moon (pictures!!!)

Sailor Gif Adopt
(I can't get into it, my friend can, can you? 2/18/02)

CP's Sailor Moon Gallery

Thu's Sailor Moon Entertainment Center

Melvin Pictures
Sailor Mercury Sites:
The Sailor Mercury Page!!

Icesenshi's Lake of Illusion
A very creative site focused on the Sailor Senshi of Ice- Sailor Mercury  
(It hasn't been updated since November 1999, but everything that is there is worth a look.  2/18/02)
Sailor Pluto Sites:
Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto Page

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