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SCA Event Pictures

This is a practice battle between the youth fighters
Lord Gilford and Lady Drulina are participating in a playful round of blowup sword fighting
Twelfth Night
Alexia, Katherine's mom (left), is participating in an archery tournament
Anna and Samantha are shopping at the merchant's stalls
Twelfth Night
The King and Queen are residing over court
Feast! Eat with your hands! (or fork if you brought it)
Dancing lessons are always fun
Some gypsies dancing to their music
All (almost) events have:
Merchants selling
A & S (Arts and Sciences) displays
Royal or Baronial Court
Some form of feast (all day or night time)
There are almost always people that provide entertainment such as: gypsies, bards (singing story tellers), or people play instruments
A fighting event can have:
Youth fighters (18 & under)
Heavyweight Fighters (18 & up)
Axe throwing
A non-fighting event can have:
Contests (cooking or brewing)

100 Minutes War
Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night
Katherine is in her Spanish Elizabethan
Lita is in normal wench(servant) garb (clothing)
Samantha  in wench garb
Sabrina is Katherine's sister
Twelfth Night
100 Minutes War, Tourture Chamber borrowed from Drulina
Twelfth Night
Katherine in full English Elizabethan clothing that she  made herself
Setsuna in a hakama and kimono that Katherine made
Both Katherine and Etienne hate pictures so feel lucky I got them
I wore this to the 1st few events, it's a type called a tourture chamber
Raven is in his raven garb, hence the wing like arms
Halloween at school
The type of garb that you make and wear depends on your persona, or story of your life.  People do research and pick a place and time when they would want to live. Then based on that they pick a name and  what garb to make.
Wondering why there are so many Elizabethan dresses?  Well it is the style of our queen, so it is more proper for the women to wear this time period if they have the garb and persona, as many do.
Alexia is wearing her beautiful white Elizabethan
This is Lady Drulina's Elizabethan that she wears to almost every event
This is a lady at an event I went to.  She really got into the spirit and did the makeup, extra large bum roll (hips) and a fan...she was really warm though...
I'm in a variation of the one Anna is wearing, I made it with help from Kat and her mom

Katherine's wearing a hakama and kimono that she made.

How do I get involved?
Go to the SCA homepage at (or the link above) where you can search for your zip code and find the local site nearest you.