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(a little section conveniently added by Sailor Ami and Tobias :)
All comments are by Tobias unless otherwise noted  
Tobias' Homepage
   How the heck does Trowa fit into that turtle neck?
   There's nothing like a guy with a gun.
   Relena really needs to be shot Heero should have let the building fall on top of her she bugs the heck out of me with her yelling after Heero all the time its HEERO this and HEERO that he bugs me too grr
   WHATS IT WITH HEERO AND QUATRE ? DUO AND CHANG WUFEI ARE THE BEST GUNDAM PILOTS" (well then of course I think Duo is the best pilot)
   " quack..quack...quack..quack..quack!!!!"(for all my friends from cedar point )
   "No one can get her legs like that without falling flat on their face"
AH, I'm falling!  Oh no, Usagi help me!!!
   How can they stand wearing such short skirts???
   Ok people are gonna hate me for this but in every aspect Darien annoys me (he needs to be shot)    
   A few things about gundam wing that annoy me
1) Heero really needs to change his shirt
2) Trowa's hair (there is not much more i can say about that)
Hair cut time! <hair cut by yours truly>

   one question : can any of the sailor moon characters voices get any more annoying than they already are ???!?? -tobias
   MXPX ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!-tobias

   How can Darien stick with such a blonde?  He's basing the course of his life around a passing hormonal imbalance that leads to emotional attraction as a result of the genetic programing that makes humans want to reproduce.
-Xanatos Blade-

   I just want to say something that is totally irrelevant. MxPx, MxPx, MxPx!!!  Tobias agrees with me on this one, MxPx is cooler than my MxPx sweatshirt (whoa!! Can't get it off me....)! Well, some of you might not care, so I'll compare them to something else. MxPx is cooler than all Japanimation (or whatever) cartoons combined and multiplied by a numarical sequence you can't imagine! Maybe that one hits home. Just wanna say that I love MxPx!!

   "Speak out is cool." and "...especially the part where you give Trowa a hair cut..he needs one ;-)."
-Aragonite webmistress of The Good and Evil Gates of Sailor Moon

   "Zoicite annoys me to no comprehensible amount! Her hideous laugh, her being a him, and gay, and why does she say "ZOI" all the time? IT makes her seem like a Pokemon!"
-Xanatos Blade-

   I dont like it when someone writes a whole paragraph of stuff i dont understand.

Isn't he precious?
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Here check out a Magmar drawing by Tobias.
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