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Xanatos Blade
Greetings everyone. I am Xanatos Blade, the arcade worker who transforms into Ao Ken. Most people think I am devoid of emotion, and humor, and as much as I wish it were so, it is not. This book should tell you all I can say about myself.

Secret Origin of Xanatos Blade
Frankly, I don't really know where I come from. I'm slowly regaining my memory, but what little I have learned is hazy. However, I do recall coming to Tokyo about a month before I met up with Lita. The first time we fought together, I saved her from an extremely powerful (from her standpoint) monster, and gave her a new transformation device.

To transform, I merely focus myself entirely, and my powers (which I possess without transforming) are amplified, and I receive more. Also, without transforming, I don't have my trademark energy sword.

Xanatos in action
Unlike the senshi, my powers don't include names. Also, I have many latent powers that I am just discovering. However, my most noteworthy powers are telekinesis, the ability to read minds, and communicate telepathically, the ability to heal others, and myself and my ability to teleport myself.

Introducing Xanatos Blade
Xanatos' days off
I rarely have any time to myself. My job doesn't pay very well, and I constantly have to go out on missions. And, when I'm not doing that, I'm with Lita, or sleeping. However, I love chess!

Xanatos' fashion scrapbook
Personally, I'm not overly concerned with the way I dress. I usually wear a comfortable black shirt, and black pants.

Xanatos Encyclopedia
Unlike Tuxedo Mask, and the senshi, I have no guardian planet. My power is my own. Nothing I do can make it weaker, and nothing but my crystal can make it stronger.

50 Secrets of Xanatos Blade
I don't rightfully know. Without my memory, I can't even make an accurate guess. So I guess that answer will have to wait.

Where do I live?
I live in Lita's building in Azabu Juban Tokyo. My apartment number is 208, so I'm pretty close to Lita.

Height and weight?
I'm about six feet, four inches. That's why Lita's so perfect for me; most other girls are too short. As for weight, I don't know. I never bought a scale. My job won't allow me to.

Blood type?
I never cared. I can heal myself, so what difference does it make?

Any bad habits?
Well, sometimes I am too emotional. I guess I'm also way too attached to Lita. Everyone else says I'm too much of a stoic, but I think otherwise.

What about your family?
I don't have one. Well, at least not that I know of. Lita is my family now.

Dream for The future?
I want to complete my job, and bring peace to the galaxy. If I do that, then, maybe, I'll settle down, and I don't think that it's too hard to guess who I'll settle with. Well, if she'll have me that is.

Any hobbies?
I enjoy training, lifting weights, chess, and spending time with Lita.

Least favorite food?
As I've said, my job doesn't allow me to be choosy, so I just buy whatever is on sale.

Favorite food?
I admit it, I love cheesecake. It's perfect if you put in a little extra lemon!

Favorite color?
My favorite colors are black, electric green, and cyan.

Favorite type of girl?
I think that Lita suits me perfectly. She's all I can remember, so I assume she's my type.

What are you really good at?
Well, my social skills need work, but I'm quite talented at most else. My powers allow me to do almost anything extremely quickly and efficiently.

Favorite sport?
Fencing! Any for of fencing!

Favorite fashion?
As I said, clothes don't concern me, but I like comfortable black clothing. What's something you like to work at: I love training to become a better warrior.

Most wanted?
I suppose it would be peace, and after that, maybe some REAL time with Lita.

Worst subject?
I can't remember my education, and nothing I currently do requires me to do anything seriously mental, so I don't know.

Favorite place?
Probably the hangar on the dark side of the moon, or my ship.

Is there anything you're afraid of?
Yes, I'm afraid that I'll fail at my mission, and not save the senshi.

What's with the all black look you always go for?
Simple, it suits me.

Why are you so good at fighting?
I guess it's because it's all I know to do. I don't remember my initial training, but now I'm pretty good.

We hear you're pretty good to have around in a fight.
Well, it's true. I'm rather talented in the lethal arts.

What was your first impression of Lita?
I thought she was a pesky girl that followed me around all the time. Too bad that I didn't know that she was the senshi of Jupiter then.

Why do you dress so differently than everyone else?
Well, I thought that the all black look was fine. It suits my personality, and it doesn't draw attention. After all, my height does enough of that.

Special attacks?
Well, I mainly combine my powers, however, one time, I used my crystal to turn my energy sword into a double bladed quarter staff of energy. It was extremely powerful.

First transformation?
As far as I can tell, it's the same as I have now.

What's the secret behind your crystal's power?
I don't know. All I can tell is that it amplifies my power to extreme levels.

What was your most painful battle?
Probably the battle against Queen Madeline. I nearly died. Luckily Lita saved me; that was an unexpected twist

Who would you say was your most formidable enemy?
Queen Madeline, definitely. Most beings I could take out easily, but when it came to her, I was nearly defeated.

What's your role with the senshi?
Well, I protect and assist them. If they really need help, I sometimes even defeat the monster. I also plan tactics, and give out new powers.

What if you had been born a girl instead of a boy?
Well, I'd probably still kick butt, but I'd probably to it more gently, and I sure wouldn't be crazy about Lita.

What if you were alone and all the senshi were dead?
Would you fight? What kind of idiotic question is that? Of course I'd fight! I actually prefer fighting alone, but I'd never want the senshi dead to do so.

What were you like before you met Lita?
I was a lot more foul tempered and didn't get along with people very well, so I avoided them, aside from Andrew, but it's kind of hard to avoid someone you work with.

What if you weren't a warrior?
I don't know what I'd be doing. This is all I know, and without it, I'd be lost. If you had $10,000? I'd probably take Lita out for a great night on the town, and put the rest in stocks and the bank.

What kind of pet would you like to have?
Well, I like cats, but I have no time. Maybe if I could find a sentient one like Zeus I'd get one.

Wanna be better than Lita at anything?
Well actually I am better than Lita at all I want to be better than her at. I'm not bragging, I'm just stating something. And you asked.

Lita should stop what?
She needs to stop being so emotional. Now I don't want her to be entirely like me, then the whole relationship would be annoying, but she needs to learn a little self-control, over emotions and other things.

How did you meet Lita?
Well, I met Lita at the arcade one day, because she was watching me, but as for Sailor Jupiter, I met her during a battle with a Dark Force monster.

Is there anything she's better at than you?
Many things actually. She is more empathetic than me, and she can inspire people to go above and beyond what they thought they could do.

Your motto?
Serenity's ends justify my means. In other words, I'll do whatever it takes to accomplish my mission.

Xanatos' greatest quotes
"Lita I must say this is the best food I've ever eaten. It was kind of you to let me eat here." That quote is pretty self-explanatory

"What a strange girl." I thought that after I left Lita's house after dinner.

"I don't know about the Silver Millennium, or even what I was doing one month ago! All I remember is coming to Tokyo." I was saying that to myself after feeling strange at being with Lita.

"No, lizard, it is YOU who will be sorry." I said that after a Dark Force warrior attacked me.

"I am AO Ken! Sworn enemy of the Dark Forces and aid to those who oppose it!" This was part of my introduction speech that I used when I first say Sailor Jupiter. I hate those speeches, but apparently the senshi love to use them. -_-' .

"Thank you. I appreciate your praise, but I sense something was wrong with my performance." I said that to Queen serenity after a battle.

"Is criticism all I will EVER receive!?!" Same as above.

"What the heck is that girl doing?" I thought this after I saw Lita at the arcade during school hours. She had been suspended. -_-;

"We are fighting professional soldiers, each with powers equal, if not greater than any three of you, even with your new powers. We will be outnumbered, we may lose each other, but the mission goes beyond any of us. Each of us has been placed in this universe for a specific purpose. Who we are, or what we feel is irrelevant. All that matters, is our mission. If I, or any of you die, we must keep fighting, so as not to dishonor their deaths. We must continue. Failure is not an option." I said this at a meeting with the senshi.

Xanatos' friends
Lita: Well, she's my unofficial girl friend. I'm crazy about her, even if I don't seem to show it. She's virtually perfect.

Raye: She doesn't seem to like me very much. That makes poor Lita feel sad. But if that girl thinks I'm the enemy, then so be it, I'm not.

Mina: I don't spend time with her. I think she just doesn't care, so long as there's a decent looking guy near her when she fights.

Ami: She and I are good friends. We have a lot in common. Some people even say that her and I make more sense than Lita and I. I disagree. Ami and I are both too quiet, and to shy.

Luna and Artemis: They are suspicious of me, but I think that they believe my story.

Zeus: He's Lita's cat. Him and I get along nicely. I think that one day I may take Lita up on her offer, and have Zeus move in with me.

Andrew: He's probably my best friend. I'm also his, since some Darien disappeared anyway.

Xanatos' Battle Record
Well, I took out, or helped take out several hundred Dark Force warriors, which was good. I also took out Josh (multiple times) but he kept getting rescued. I nearly died fighting Queen Madeline, but with the aid of Lita, we came out on top, and freed most of the senshi.

Authors narrative: That's all I could do. I based this off of the Mixx character guides. I hope it's good. Some questions I had to change or switch around. (I used the Lita book for the questions)

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